PyMEL 1.0 and maya 2011

I been away from my blog for few months, well I been working on few things most of them not rigging related. I have learned hard way how to keep check on your fitness, but came out in good shape. Studio job does takes toll on your health nd sitting on chair for long hours is defiantly a big No No. I set a target and achieved it. in a nutshell i’m in better shape now . So Autodesk few month back released maya 2011 with pyMel 1.0. I didn’t remember last time when i was excited for maya release but this time autodesk have nailed it specially in rigging and animation (here for full details). Yesterday Autodesk has released SP1 for maya 2011 after 3 hotfix release, which is standalone installer (no need for any previous autodesk maya 2011 installation) Go check out whats new here in maya 2011 SP1 and download link here for maya 2011

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