As i had written earlier i am switching from MEL to PyMel for my rigging and maya development needs. I am converting my old mel scripts to python. Although PyMel has mel to python converter mel2py, but to take full advantage of PyMel one has to edit the code outcome of mel2py. I take it as very good exercise for learning PyMel by fixing the mel code to take full advantage of python. I find PyMel very modular for my rigging needs. Being a self taught programmer its bit difficult to get used to classes and OOPS, but i see them as potential life saver, where all those principal of object oriented programming coming to help technical artist doing stuff more organized and taking full advantage of using functions inside function,creating useful classes for better organization, cause it was little painful in mel to organize code.

So in this Page i will be putting up links to stuff that you can download from my blog. The list will be updated as soon as i put something new in here.

Little Big Ant Rig

wheelAutoRotation (sample Scene) (sample scene)


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