Free Maya Ant Rig (littleBigAnt)

Since starting this blog I have always thought of giving away a rig over here to animation community. I toyed with idea of putting toony biped rig, but there are way too many of them. So I thought of putting up an unorthodox character. I’m putting up a Maya Ant rig, which I did last year, for some personal project. I hope to put this for download at many other places to get more feedback and removes any bug for users. Please feel free to share around and do let me know if this rig did something in your project or short film, our help you in any other way. I would be happy to put up link here.

Download here.
Creative crash


Lubdhanam Cora

We started working on this short film 3 years back, My friend sagar has a brilliant idea about a story around a greedy thief and finally it got finished this June 2012.
And Yesterday it won its first Prize from TASI. I have worked on facials for the thief character, and two of my good friend Sagar and Dhiraj have worked there asses off on putting this film together, have a look.

short film teaser

Lubdhanam Cora short Flim Trailer from saharasagar on Vimeo.

Official blog:

scSaveWeights for export/importing skinCluster weights in Maya

I have written an useful Maya python API plugin which exports out weights from polygon mesh or vertices to text file(optionally binary),Which can be used later.
This process is mostly useful when User wish to change position of joints in a rig with skinCluster , or just want to update rig file with latest weights from other file.
I have in past used Michael comets famous Mel script cometSaveWeights, which works great but is very slow when importing weights on dense mesh.

It was my first attempt at writing something in Maya API. Attached in plugin which I have tested on Maya 2008 to 2011.

Mel Command to export weights
scSaveWeights -roundOff 5 -action “export” -file “d:/weights.txt”;

Mel Command to import weights
scSaveWeights -action “import” -file “d:/weights.txt;


Go to windows>Settings/prefrence > plug-in manager and browse to the
I would suggest to open the py file in IDE and read through comments in the beginning of  script.

Exporting weights on polygon mesh with vertex count 12432 skinned with 255 joints took 7.6378 seconds
whereas Importing took 66.3445147672 seconds and in quick mode it takes 19.937 seconds while exporting
and takes 7.5559 seconds while importing.

Importing weights with cometSaveWeights.mel took more than 7 minutes on same Mesh. 

edit: updated script to work with selected polygon object and in component mode, while importing weights.

ICE cream sandwich

I have a confession to make. I am slowly becoming ROM junkie. I got my first android device about three year back(HTC hero) After it got old and was crying out loud for retirement, I got myself nexus 4g. Its cdma device and has its pains involved to make it work in India.

But anyways today I have installed  AOSP ICS ROM on it with custom kernel(Glados). Making battery life in this baby almost 50 percent more.
If you are with same specs. I highly recommends you to visit XDA developers and get the ICS rom for your nexus S.
So bye bye gingerbread and Hello ice cream sandwich.
XDA aosp

“Toonpur ka superhero” My first theatrical credit

I’m already late, for posting this, but let’s be late then never, I worked on “toonpur” for quite brief time when I was at pixion studio mumbai.
My work includes, mostly fixing out current rigs, rigging some new characters, and providing solution to animator on scene basis.
This movie has lots of squash stretch involved per character basis, which was quite a challenge.
Indian animation is still in its early stages, in terms of production and finances too. Film did fairly well in Indian cinemas, which are widely dominated by bollywood masala flicks.

Nonetheless it gave me my first theatrical credit, I’m thankful to Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh, who is CG head of pixion,
for heading the team to efficiently and timely delivery of product.

cometSaveWeights.mel for maya2011

Well nothing to say much, if you’re into maya rigging you can’t possibly haven’t came across cometTools. I’m a big fan of Michael comet and his tools specially PSD and his mel script.I noticed cometSaveWeights.mel is not working exactly as it has to be on maya 2011, as Autodesk have done some changes to mel commands, I have attached edited version of script which works very well on 2011.

check for yourself Download here

Edit: Enable normalize weights before you save weights in maya 2011,
“;” was missing in some line, that is fixed now.

PyMEL 1.0 and maya 2011

I been away from my blog for few months, well I been working on few things most of them not rigging related. I have learned hard way how to keep check on your fitness, but came out in good shape. Studio job does takes toll on your health nd sitting on chair for long hours is defiantly a big No No. I set a target and achieved it. in a nutshell i’m in better shape now . So Autodesk few month back released maya 2011 with pyMel 1.0. I didn’t remember last time when i was excited for maya release but this time autodesk have nailed it specially in rigging and animation (here for full details). Yesterday Autodesk has released SP1 for maya 2011 after 3 hotfix release, which is standalone installer (no need for any previous autodesk maya 2011 installation) Go check out whats new here in maya 2011 SP1 and download link here for maya 2011