Saving skinWeights for massive from maya (scMassiveSkin.mel)

Some time ago I wrote a MEL script for saving out skinWeights for massive from maya skinCluster. Script writes out weight is massive’s native format (.w file extension).
Massive is crowd simulation software and is used for giving artificial intelligence to crowds and make them believable. Its common practice to skin character inside maya and take out skeleton ,mesh (as obj) inside massive for doing crowd sim. But we have to either skin it again inside massive which is defiantly not very intuitive or import weights from maya. So this script makes this task easier by writing out weights in separate file from maya itself.



Dual quaternion

Recently i found a new method that has been discovered by guy named Ladislav Kavan
basically it reduces artifacts of linear blend skinning( maya smooth skinning), which happens when bones rotates a lot.. specially during twisting, otherwise knows as candyWrap effect he describe it as linear combination of dual quaternions.

another guy named Guido de Haan has implemented it inside maya as plugin. check his page to download it. well i am playing with it right now.. hope to put some results over here.

Another interesting link i found which shows dual quaternion implementation inside softimage as ICE network.( i personally find it quite cool). check out there demo.
softimge implementation

and here is Blender’s implementation blender is fastly catching up with other 3d packages.
here is there cool little demo
blender dual quaternion