Free Maya Ant Rig (littleBigAnt)

Since starting this blog I have always thought of giving away a rig over here to animation community. I toyed with idea of putting toony biped rig, but there are way too many of them. So I thought of putting up an unorthodox character. I’m putting up a Maya Ant rig, which I did last year, for some personal project. I hope to put this for download at many other places to get more feedback and removes any bug for users. Please feel free to share around and do let me know if this rig did something in your project or short film, our help you in any other way. I would be happy to put up link here.

Download here.
Creative crash


Dual quaternion

Recently i found a new method that has been discovered by guy named Ladislav Kavan
basically it reduces artifacts of linear blend skinning( maya smooth skinning), which happens when bones rotates a lot.. specially during twisting, otherwise knows as candyWrap effect he describe it as linear combination of dual quaternions.

another guy named Guido de Haan has implemented it inside maya as plugin. check his page to download it. well i am playing with it right now.. hope to put some results over here.

Another interesting link i found which shows dual quaternion implementation inside softimage as ICE network.( i personally find it quite cool). check out there demo.
softimge implementation

and here is Blender’s implementation blender is fastly catching up with other 3d packages.
here is there cool little demo
blender dual quaternion

Stretching IK chains, with auto stretch and..

Howdy friends its long since i last posted, well lot of things happening i finished cgWorkshop by todd widdup,
it was very good experience, also i am now at new studio Pixion.Its very dynamic and young studio.

Maybe all these things kept me bounded. Now back to subject i Wanted to share my technique for stretching limbs in character.I remember when i started rigging it used to be hot topic. In my setup i tried to keep things as simple as possible. Setup has few advantages like apart from auto stretch one can use individual stretch say at elbow and wrist and this work smoothly with auto stretch ie. when limbs are stretched auto stretch won’t happen till the limbs are straight.Please check video file below for demo of stretchy system.

Stretch happens when chain length increase from its maximum length ie. when IK chain is straight. So stretch factor is calculated by dividing present length with default length (joint1 + joint2).

I am also attaching a sample maya scene file please check for yourself.

Removing blendShape targets from blendShape node

Its really irritating that maya doesn’t allow any simple way of removing blendshape target (the attribute itself and Information stored) from blendShape node that already has his targets removed. The remove blendShape option only allow to remove those blendshape target index that already has there targets. If you see through hyperGraph connections you will see there is connection from shape node of targetShape.worldMesh[0] to your blendShape node to inputTarget multi index that will something like blendShape1.inputTarget[0].inputTargetGroup[0].inputTargetItem[6000].inputGeomTarget (a multiElement) all further targets you add will have something called weight index which is equivalent to inputTargetGroup[#] number. you can also query index number using this mel command aliasAttr -rm blendShape1.targetNameAttr; it will remove the alias name out of blendShape attribute and give you weight index number.


in above example 0 is the weight index. I hope i am able to explain how maya is storing blendShape in multiElement. I have written a script to remove blendshape targets with blendshape and target name as input. download it


creating Toon Iris animation control !

I came across an intresting method for animating Iris opening if your eye is having simple texture map for eye Iris.

Whole method is about animating UV’s over map that will give illusion of Iris getting scaled up or down.

So here we have an poly eye ball. with a image as an eye map. 




Now second step would be to select the UV’s that are covering the black part. And then after selecting them just type “polyMoveUV” in command/script editor


Now we can connect scale U and scale V attribute of polyMoveUV1 node to whatever controler you wish to scale the iris.



And we are done.You can now just animate scale. Simple!

Make sure Construction history is in right order.

my good old demoreel

hi there , To start with a blog is real difficult step, it becomes more difficult when you are going for job in crowded city like mumbai, hardly anytime left for yourself. Anyways i did this reel in my college. when i was diving in to maya character rigging. As most of you reading knows how difficult it is for fresher man to get in to professional industry. But as if now i have come up a long way . i would be posting some of my new work samples and scripts. plus i am working on my 2008 demo reel. Hope to post some of my stuff soon .