Free Maya Ant Rig (littleBigAnt)

Since starting this blog I have always thought of giving away a rig over here to animation community. I toyed with idea of putting toony biped rig, but there are way too many of them. So I thought of putting up an unorthodox character. I’m putting up a Maya Ant rig, which I did last year, for some personal project. I hope to put this for download at many other places to get more feedback and removes any bug for users. Please feel free to share around and do let me know if this rig did something in your project or short film, our help you in any other way. I would be happy to put up link here.

Download here.
Creative crash


my good old demoreel

hi there , To start with a blog is real difficult step, it becomes more difficult when you are going for job in crowded city like mumbai, hardly anytime left for yourself. Anyways i did this reel in my college. when i was diving in to maya character rigging. As most of you reading knows how difficult it is for fresher man to get in to professional industry. But as if now i have come up a long way . i would be posting some of my new work samples and scripts. plus i am working on my 2008 demo reel. Hope to post some of my stuff soon .