Stretching IK chains, with auto stretch and..

Howdy friends its long since i last posted, well lot of things happening i finished cgWorkshop by todd widdup,
it was very good experience, also i am now at new studio Pixion.Its very dynamic and young studio.

Maybe all these things kept me bounded. Now back to subject i Wanted to share my technique for stretching limbs in character.I remember when i started rigging it used to be hot topic. In my setup i tried to keep things as simple as possible. Setup has few advantages like apart from auto stretch one can use individual stretch say at elbow and wrist and this work smoothly with auto stretch ie. when limbs are stretched auto stretch won’t happen till the limbs are straight.Please check video file below for demo of stretchy system.

Stretch happens when chain length increase from its maximum length ie. when IK chain is straight. So stretch factor is calculated by dividing present length with default length (joint1 + joint2).

I am also attaching a sample maya scene file please check for yourself.

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